We view art-making as world-making and the pursuit of individual liberty and collective liberation. We want to keep our world and creative production safe from oppression and stasis using modalities that blister and form and blister and form again, over again, anew. The manipulation of our space is golden, we need to transform rooms and ourselves, to change, to investigate, to become intimate with, to humiliate our own ideals. We are buoyant amateurs because we are unafraid and we are afraid. We admire collectivism, collaboration, and community, but prefer the contagion of a drove–to be driven towards each other. Twisted around each other into new shapes. Adjusting shapes. Everything we do, we consider work and seek to stay submerged in a sea of practice. The tide pulls. What are we talking about? What is going on here? Here are some options.

Keywords: ritual, production, proliferation, potential, outsider, celebration, decadence, fluidity, grotesque, underbelly, trash, contradiction, precondition, decay, melodrama, indulgence, circles, exaggeration, heightening, intensity, anxiety, rawness, sharing, glorify, duress, surreal, real, safety, phenomenon, precognition, feminism.